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Spring Chicken Activity SVG Cut Files

Easter Toddler Craft with Chicken and Egg Crafts \ SVG DXF PNG Cut Files   2 files for each format body doubles as an egg for more information and a tutorial, visit the blog post.


Thank you for visiting the FAQ. If your question is missing, please do not hesitate to contact me.     WHAT IS A CUT FILE / SVG? An .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the most common type of cut file....


 Looking for a tutorial or just need a good vinyl supplier? Check out the links for more info on that and more:     SUPPLIES   The Vinyl Spectrum - Oracal 651 and Siser HTV US Cutter - transfer tape (it's humid...

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Placing Text on a Curved Path

July 21, 2017

You can bend those names and words to your will. All you need is a shape and a little know how. Let's get you started!


First up - pick a shape. For this tutorial, we'll be placing names around the word mom shaped like a heart, so we'll need a big heart with the same dimensions.


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Monthly Freebie | October Print & Cut Planner Stickers

September 28, 2017

Halloween Themed Print and Cut Planner Stickers


What's not to love about October? Finally some relief from the heat, all the pretty colors and Halloween!


This month's planner sticker sheet is a mix of fall and cute Halloween images:

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Monthly Freebie | September Print & Cut Planner Stickers

September 11, 2017

Fall Themed Print and Cut Planner Stickers


Surprise! I meant to have these ready last week but better late then never.


The plan is to have a new sheet for every month, 'cause that planner is always full and we all need something to make it a little prettier.


So, for September, what better than a traditional fall theme? 

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Inkscape Tutorial: How to Install for Editing SVG Files

December 10, 2016

Want to create your own designs or elements to add to your existing designs? Inkscape is a perfect, no cost option!


This is a quick walk through of the download process will get you started.

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Monthly Freebie | November Print & Cut Planner Stickers

November 01, 2017

Harvest Themed Print and Cut Planner Stickers for Fall Planning


"Turkey for you, turkey for me ..."


November has to be one of the heaviest planning months. Between holiday prep, Thanksgiving dinner, school events and trying to squeeze it all in before the end of the year - it's a smorgasbord of reminders. What would we do without our brains? 


With all of the bold fall colors, it's a great time of year to go a little softer. This month includes hand drawn watercolor doodles:

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Cricut Design Space & Inkscape Tutorial: Placing Text on a Curved Path

July 21, 2017

You can bend those names and words to your will. All you need is a shape and a little know how. The Cricut software can be a little limiting though, so we're going to look at two ways to get what you want. Let's get you started!

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Monthly Freebie | August Print & Cut Planner Stickers

July 31, 2018

Back to School Themed Planner Stickers 

Can you believe it's August already?!? Here in Alabama we have Meet the Teacher night this week already and school starts next week. Went so fast this year.


So to get in the swing of things for school, I borrowed from this week's freebie for some black and white school doodles. I like using matte sticker paper and if you do too, these cuties are perfect for coloring in.

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Monthly Freebie | December Print & Cut Planner Stickers

December 04, 2017

Buffalo Plaid Themed Print and Cut Planner Stickers for Christmas Planning

Christmas is in full swing and what's more festive than buffalo plaid? This month's planner stickers are classic and sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. 


This month is also includes not 1, not 2, but 6 sheets of stickers:

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Monthly Freebie | June Print & Cut Planner Stickers

June 01, 2018

Summer Themed Planner Stickers with Beach Doodles


Hello planner lovers! May got away from me with all of the end of the school year events and we missed a month. Well, summer fever is in full effect now and this month is all about ocean colors.


June has three sheets - one weekly, one habit trackers and one doodle stickers. I ran across an adorable set of summer illustrations

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Monthly Freebie | April Print & Cut Planner Stickers

April 03, 2018

Farmhouse Style Planner Stickers with Gardening and Spring Doodles


April's off to a weird start this year. It feels like we just smooshed a month into last weekend with Easter, Spring Break, and more all wrapped up in one day!


Since Easter's over and there really wasn't enough space for a whole month of bunnies, I figured I could still give you a carrot. This month is all about planting Victory Gardens down here, so what better than a little country gardening theme for this month? 

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Monthly Freebie | February Print & Cut Planner Stickers

January 31, 2018

Pink and Black Themed Planner Stickers for Valentine's Day Planning

One month down already! Where the heck did that go? It's good though, just means it's time for a new set of planner stickers! 


To prepare for Valentine's Day, this month's theme is shades of pinks with black and white and fun polka dots. Love some polka dots!


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Monthly Freebie | January Print & Cut Planner Stickers

January 02, 2018

Pink and Blue Stripe Themed Planner Stickers

Happy New Year, Y'all! Planner season is in full swing (can you say new accessories!), so to help get you started how about a cute set of stickers?


This month's theme is striped with gold foil splatters. The color theme is black and white with pops of pink and blue.


Little confession - my 2018 planner might have been the inspiration:

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Monthly Freebie | March Print & Cut Planner Stickers

February 28, 2018

Spring Planner Sticker Print and Cut Files with Vines, Flowers & Bugs

Let's start planning March out with this set of three free personal use  planner sticker pages create for print and cut jobs with Cricut and Silhouette machines. Embrace Spring with a vine pattern theme and doddle stick page full of banners, flowers and itty bitty bugs. 

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Monthly Freebie | School Print & Cut Planner Stickers

August 03, 2017

Back to School Planner Stickers to Plan the Whole Year's Events


Summer just flew by this year! Some schools just let a couple of weeks ago and here in Alabama we're starting next week. Meet the Teacher is tonight, how crazy is that?


If you're like me, no matter how organized you try to stay during the school year, it all eventually becomes a jumbled mess. It's easier to set up your planner with all of the important dates at the beginning or you'll end up with a half scribbled note in there that's impossible to decipher. (bk fr - huh?)

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Monthly Freebie | July Print & Cut Planner Stickers

June 29, 2018

4th of July Themed Planner Stickers with Summer Elements


Planning season's about to kick back up with back to school next month. Let's soak up as much of that sun as we can and celebrate the 4th with some fun summer themed stickers this month! 


The goal was to incorporate Independence Day, but not have it take over the whole pack since it's the first week of the month, so we have a red and blue palette with some pastels included to soften things up a bit.

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Silhouette Studio & Inkscape Tutorial: Editing SVG Designs

December 10, 2016

We've all been there.  You fall in love with a design, but it would be even better if it didn't have one thing - an out of place bump, bad spacing, a word you don't want, etc.  Don't just give up - you can fix it! 


Every svg is just a collection of nodes (or points in Studio) that tell your machine where to cut.  Think of it like a dot-to-dot.

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Inkscape Tutorial: Converting SVG Files to DXF

December 31, 2016

Have you ever found a great free file or a beautiful design on Etsy only to be disappointed that it doesn't come in .dxf format?


What if I told you with a couple clicks you can make those files usable without upgrading your software?  It really is that easy and I'll show you how.


First up, you will need to download a copy of Inkscape.

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Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Importing SVG and DXF Files

October 05, 2016

So you finally have your hands on your first Silhouette machine.  Congratulations!


You've probably been eyeing files for a while and now that you've purchased your first one, what do you do?

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Cricut Design Space Tutorial: Creating Offsets on Text

September 25, 2017

Sometimes an offset just completes a design, but they can look a little daunting.


You can totally do this in five steps - less if you don't need the gap. (That little gap is so handy when you want a glitter offset so we'll look at both.)

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Tutorial | Opening and Using Zip Files

December 18, 2016

This quick and Easy tutorial will walk you through downloading and unzipping your new favorite designs


Zip files are a great way to transfer data. When you download cut files, most of the time you will receive a zip file. These contain all of the included file types and help compress all of the data so it will take less space when uploading and download faster.


If you're new to zip files, this is a great place to start your new cut file journey. We'll have you uploading your new goodies in no time so you can get to cutting. 

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Cricut Design Space Tutorial: Print Then Cut

July 27, 2017

Vinyl is awesome, but what if you want a vinyl or paper project with all the pretty variations and colors? Print Then Cut is your answer, my friend. 


Today we'll be working with planner stickers, but you can apply this method for so many projects - printable vinyl, cards, scrap booking and more. 


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Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Print and Cut

July 27, 2017

Vinyl is awesome, but what if you want a vinyl or paper project with all the pretty variations and colors? Print and Cut is your answer! 


Today we'll be working with planner stickers, but you can apply this method for so many projects - printable vinyl, cards, scrap booking and more. 

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Tutorial | Fixing Corrupt DXF in Silhouette Studio

September 06, 2018

Banish Twisted, Looping, Messy DXF Files Caused by the Studio 4.1.468 Bug


Alright y'all. Three times in the last three weeks I've had customers send me pictures like this:


DXF Files with twisted, lopping and misplaced points in Silhouette 4.1.468

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Cricut Design Space Tutorial: Using SVG Files and Cutting Knockout Designs

October 05, 2016

Die cutting machines (those nifty things you that allow you to cut through vinyl like butter) are becoming more and more popular. 


Today I am going to cover cutting with one of the top two - the Cricut Explore Air.  It's easy to get (most Walmart stores carry them) and is more flexible since the addition of Cricut Design Space.  It allows you to purchase designs like mine and open them on your machine - leaving you limitless in possibilities.

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Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Using DXF Files

December 25, 2016

New to Silhouette and eyeing all of those pretty designs on Etsy?  You just need to know what files to look for and how to use them.


We'll also look at why upgrading your software to use svg files is a smart investment.  


First up, you've been reading about using designs for purchase outside of the Silhouette Design Store and all of these people keep using these file extensions - .svg and .dxf.  

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Tutorial | When Good SVG Files Go Corrupt

May 11, 2018

Troubleshooting Weird Errors and Corrupt Files in Silhouette, Cricut and CorelDRAW


First things first, don't panic! These things happen. I've discussed this with multiple designers and, unfortunately, from time to time our poor little files get beat up on their way from the download server to your software. 99% of the time it's an easy fix - so breath and let's figure out what's happening.

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Freebie Friday | Spring Chicken SVG

March 23, 2017

Easter Chicken and Egg Paper Craft for Toddlers


Looking for an adorable and easy Spring project for your little ones? This Spring Chicken is a fast cut-and-paste craft the kids will love.


My son's Kindergarten teacher loves crafts, so I try to come with projects that everyone can enjoy and usually something to work those fine motor skills.  This one is perfect because it's actually a two-in-one that works those pincer grasps, spatial awareness and coloring skills.

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