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Free 4th of July Planner Stickers

4th of July Themed Planner Stickers with Summer Elements


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Let's soak up as much of that sun as we can and celebrate the 4th with some fun summer themed stickers this month! 


The goal was to incorporate Independence Day, but not have it take over the whole pack since it's the first week of the month, so we have a red and blue palette with some pastels included to soften things up a bit.


July has three sheets - one dailies, one habit trackers and one doodle stickers. Went a little different on the doodle sheet this month and opted for a few fun summer quotes and matching blocks for notes, plus banners (love some banners!) and adorable ice pops.


In addition to the red, white and blue scheme, the pattern this month is a scatter of stars over navy and light blue.  The full blocks are 1.5" wide by 2.5" high. Halves are 1.25" high, etc. This sheet contains 5 To Do List Stickers, 5 Notes Stickers, 5 Half Block Stickers, and 12 Flags.


Gotta stay hydrated with all of this heat! Page two will help with that and habit tracking with 1/4 and 1/2 blocks.


And the bonus page. This month is filled with quotes and matching note blocks. All a little under a full block size. If you're like me, you probably have some notes filled in already. The under-sized blocks are perfect for adding to these.


You also have banners for the month, including one especially for next week, and a set of eight sweet little ice pops. Wishing you a fabulous 4th!


Included In This Download: 3 sheets
Zipped File Size: 1.4 MB
File Types Included: SVG, PNG & PDF


July 2018 Free Print then Cut Planner Sticker Pack Overview


Daily Stickers from the July 2018 Print then Cut Planner Sticker Pack


Habit Track Stickers from the July 2018 Print then Cut Planner Sticker Pack


Bonus Stickers from the July 2018 Print the Cut Planner Sticker Pack



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Rock Paper Scissors Sticker Paper



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Patriotic Planner Sticker Set | SVG PNG PDF Print and Cut Files


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