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Hello, Friend!

My name is Kelly and I'm the designer behind Kelly Lollar Designs and Ophiebug.

I'm a proud wife, special needs mom, avid cat lover (who's ironically allergic to cats) and predictably unpredictable.

Oh, and our whole little clan is red-headed, so we're a fiery bunch!



Want to know what I'm passionate about? (Besides my family and food allergies.) 

Drawing svg files for cutting. I mean, I like a cute drawing as much as the next person, but I really geek out on cleaning up vector images and drawing from scratch with the pen tool. What can I say, I'm a little bit nerdy.


Can you keep a secret? I have a confession...


I hardly ever get to use my cutting machines. Don't tell anyone! My ADD aways kicks in and I get stuck in the design process. Vectorizing clean-lined cut files from scratch is my hyper focus activity. It took less than a week of having my Cameo before it was all about what I could design.


Good news for you though, once I realized I was spending all my time drawing, I also realized that I could save other vinyl crafters time and frustration by creating quality svg files - no need to figure out what to weld or to clean up all of the extra cut points on those pretty hand written fonts. 


It's a win-win, I get to do what I love and you can expand your vinyl cutting business even faster with images you can trust!


Kelly and son

Ready to get started?


Take a look around and get a feel for things. You're going to love the options, especially the sports packs. I focus on designs the whole family can use, so you'll find something for everyone.


Have suggestions for svg files or tutorials you'd like added or need help cutting a design? Send me a message and we'll work on it together!


Thank you so much for visiting and happy crafting! 


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