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Free Spring Chicken SVG Cut Files

Easter Chicken and Egg Paper Craft for Toddlers


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Looking for an adorable and easy Spring project for your little ones? This Spring Chicken is a fast cut-and-paste craft the kids will love.


My son's Kindergarten teacher loves crafts, so I try to come with projects that everyone can enjoy and usually something to work those fine motor skills.  This one is perfect because it's actually a two-in-one that works those pincer grasps, spatial awareness and coloring skills.


Chicken or an egg - you choose the project


Two-in-one, you say?  The chicken body doubles as an egg template! They can glue their chickens together and then practice coloring with the eggs.


And since this is an svg file, there are even more possibilities - cut it in vinyl and make a cute shirt or cut a pile of eggs and make some garland.  Go wild!


Glue that chicken together


A few dabs from the glue stick and they're done. The best part is, you can use your Silhouette or Cricut to cut everything and the prep time is minimal - win-win


Silhouette Cameo, blade, mat and paper - that's it!


Warm up that machine, and grab your blade, mat and some paper. I was able to grab this pack of paper at the local Fred's for next to nothing. I used the card stock setting and, because I'm a rebel, I set the blade at 4-1/2.


(Excuse the mat. You know you have a cut up mat like that hid somewhere too! This one is my reserved paper mat, super messy, but it works.)

Frugal Crafter Hint - I test cut new designs in paper, it's cheaper and I don't have to cry over lost vinyl.


Googly eyes instead of paper eyes for the chicken


I had some googly eyes leftover from our St. Patrick's Day project, so I subbed the paper eyes. I haven't met a kid who doesn't love googly eyes.  Some feathers would be super fun for the arms and head too.  


The svg is pre-set for a 6" tall chicken.  At that height, per page, you will able to cut:

  • 4 eggs
  • 12 sets of arms and head feather
  • 12 sets of feet and beak


The chicken or the egg, what will you cut?


Or you can always just cut the eggs out. Add a few crayons and you have an instant homemade Easter decoration!




Download Time!


Quick favor before you get to the downloading? If you could help me share by pinning this design to your favorite svg or freebie board, it would be awesome! (You know you have a huge board full of cut file ideas).


Spring Chicken Craft Activity | SVG DXF EPS PNG Cut Files


Know someone else who has to have a copy? Send them link so they can download it too. Thank you so much!


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