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Announcement: Updates to Downloads (No more saving email links!)

Y'all, I might be a little geeky, but I'm so excited about this update! Downloading just got easier!


I've mysteriously had files go missing from download links over the past couple of months (incredibly frustrating!), so over the weekend all of the links were updated to a new service that will make the whole process much easier.


You will still receive a link on your check out page. The new link looks like this:

Checkout Page Link

You can click here to download directly. If you're out and about and would like to download your files later, you can access your downloads anytime by going to your account page.


Just click the little person icon on the top right of any page for a list of orders:


Account Page

To download from here, click the order with the files you would like to download:


Order Page


There is now a handy permanent link next to each one. If the files were purchased prior to October 15, 2017, a window like this will pop up:

Authorizing Payment Popup


The new service just needs to verify that you have permission to download the files, it will not charge you at all. This has been tested to guarantee there will be no charges for any previous orders. 


Once it receives verification you can download the files, the download page will open:

Download Page

You will now have the option to download directly to your computer or if you have a Dropbox account for backups, you can download your files there. Sooo much more convenient!


Each file is set with a 5 download limit. If you need more or have any trouble downloading, please contact me and I will reset the link or email the files directly to you.


Also, if a file is updated, you will receive an automated update email with a link. You can download the update using that link or through your account page.


If you have any questions at all, I would be happy to answer them. 


Thank you and happy crafting!