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Cricut Design Space & Inkscape Tutorial: Placing Text on a Curved Path

You can bend those names and words to your will. All you need is a shape and a little know how. The Cricut software can be a little limiting though, so we're going to look at two ways to get what you want. Let's get you started!






First up - pick a shape. For this tutorial, we'll be placing names around the word mom shaped like a heart, so we'll need a big heart with the same dimensions.


You can download your own copy to practice with at the bottom of this post.



Heart shape for placing text on a curved path



Once you have your files downloaded, import the solid heart into Cricut Design Space. If you like, you can also just draw a quick circle or square in Design Space to practice on.




Now pick a font and type your names or text:


Typing Text in Cricut Design Space


You'll want to make any font or size changes using the top bar before the next step.




So you've picked a cute font and you're happy with your size. Next up is to ungroup everything so you can move the letters around.


If you're using an older version of Design Space, you will right click the text and select Ungroup. 


In the latest beta version, make sure your text is selected and click on Ungroup at the top of the right hand column: 


Ungrouping text in Cricut Design Space


See how all of the letters are listed separately on the right? That means we're ready for ...




Moving time - this part can be a little tedious. You're going to move each letter one at a time:


Moving letters to a path in Cricut Design Space



After you move the letter to the edge of the shape, use the circular arrow on the top right of the box to spin it until is matches up. You'll need to eyeball the spacing here.






We're almost there. After all of your letters are in place, you can select your shape and delete it or move it off to the side and out of the way.



Then select the entire group of letters and weld them together by clicking Weld at the bottom of the right column:



Welding letters in Cricut Design Space



Now you should just see your new design as one item in the right column. You're all set to cut now.  



At this point you might be saying, that took forever! There has to be a faster way. There is, we just need to use a different program. 







Let's speed this up a little. Open up Inkscape, or if you need to download it first, see this tutorial.


Either open your heart svg in Inkscape or draw quick shape to practice with. 




Type out your names or text and play with the font and sizing until you're happy with it:


Typing text in Inscape




Holding down the Shift Key, select both the text and the shape. 


Now go the the Text drop down menu at the top and select Put on Path:


Placing text on a path in Inkscape


Feel free to drag the text around the shape at this point until you're good with the placement.





Now you can either delete the shape or move it out of the way. If you grab the text you see you can move it all together now.


But wait! We're not done. Right now the text is only grouped together. If you went to cut it in Design Space right now it would tear all of the letters apart.


We'll need to weld it together. Click on the Path menu on the top bar and select Combine:


Combining or welding the text in Inkscape


Ok, much better now. Now you can save the file as an SVG and import it into Design Space to cut. 


Wasn't that much faster?


Want to practice with the heart from this tutorial? You can download your copy here:


Click here to download the Mom Heart SVG


Happy crafting!