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Cricut Design Space Tutorial: Print Then Cut

Vinyl is awesome, but what if you want a vinyl or paper project with all the pretty variations and colors? Print Then Cut is your answer, my friend. 


Today we'll be working with planner stickers, but you can apply this method for so many projects - printable vinyl, cards, scrap booking and more. 




First things first, you'll need an image to print. Currently Cricut Design Space supports the following file types - jpeg, png, gif, bmp, svg and dxf. Most of your images will probably be jpeg or png. 


You'll want to make sure your picture is high quality, 300 dpi or better, to make sure you get a clear print. You can check this by right clicking the image and selecting "Properties" then "Details." You'll either see a resolution listed (the dpi) or the pixel size (bigger is better). 




Once you pick your image, upload it to Design Space like you would an svg file and this window should open:


Importing a Print Then Cut Image in Cricut Design Space - choosing complexity


You can choose the complexity depending on whether there is any shading or if it's just a straight color or two. Or you can just choose complex to cover all of your bases. 


Click Continue and you'll get a page where you can modify your image:


Uploading a Print Then Cut Image in Cricut Design Space - modifying your image


If there's anything on there you do not want to print, you can erase it on this screen.


When you're ready, click Continue again and now it's time to save. Make sure to select the left panel "Save as Print Then Cut Image" and click Save:


Importing a Print Then Cut Image in Cricut Design Space - saving




Now your image is ready to use. Go back to the Upload Tab on the left side and it should be listed under your recent uploads. 


Load the file as a new project. You might need to resize your image. 


The maximum print space in all browsers is 6" wide x 8 1/2 " high. 


The planner sticker sheets shown here are all 6" x 8" (ok, a teeny tiny wider than 6"). To resize, change the height to 8"  under Size in the top menu and press enter.


As long as your little lock icon is on, the image should resize automatically:


Setting up an image for Print Then Cut in Cricut Design Space


I like to set my image 1" in and 1" down. You can quickly move it by changing the Position to the right of the Size on the top menu. The default is 1.5" down and 1.5" over which works in most cases. 


When everything sized right and in place, click Make It on the top right side. 




The first screen that pops up is the Prepare screen:


Make It! Preparing a Print Then Cut job in Cricut Design Space


Note: Check out that new binding box. With the latest update, they did away with registration marks and swap them for the black box you see around your image.


There's no need to mirror for this cut, so you'll just click Continue


Make sure you have your vinyl, paper or stickers loaded in your printer and click Print


Note: If your image is not printing at the right size, you can always Print to PDF, save the PDF and print is separately. After that continue in Design Space like normal.


Printing to a PDF while using Print Then Cut in Cricut Design Space


If you have a laser printer, make sure to set the paper type appropriately so the ink heats enough to bind, otherwise it will flake off all over the place. (Not that I've ever done that before or a whole bunch of times.)


Time to place that sucker on your mat. Line it up top and side:


Placing your material on the mat for Print Then Cut in Cricut Design Space


Now load your mat in the machine and click your Go button. Everything should take care of itself:


Cut Screen for Print Then Cut in Cricut Design Space




Once your cut is done you can use your new piece or if you're making planner sticker, cut them down and place them in your planner. 


I use a Happy Planner which holds 7" x 9.25" sheets:


Completed planner stickers printed using Cricut Design Space



Happy Crafting!