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Freebie Friday | I'm Telling Grandparents SVG File

Comic Book Style Designs for Grandchild Shirts

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Happy Friday! Hope you've had a great week and the kiddos are enjoying their new classes!


Our school has a grandparents' lunch in a couple of weeks to celebrate Grandparents' Day next Sunday and I thought it would be fun to design a kid's t-shirt just for the occasion.


Have your little ones put it together yet? You can see that moment when they put two and two together. "Just wait a minute - if Grandma and Grandpa are your mommy and daddy then I'm telling on you to them when you're 'mean' to me!" Oh the thought processes sometimes ...


Freebie Friday | I'm Telling Grandma & Grandpa svg cut file set for Grandparents' Day


We've been watching a lot of old Batman and Superman episodes lately, so I thought let's do something comic book style! The dust clouds definitely accent the whole thing, plus they'll come in handy for other projects.


Change up the colors to make it a little more girly for Grandma's girl:


Girl's shirt with the I'm Telling Grandma svg cut


Or if your's is like mine, you need a Grandpa's boy shirt for sure:


Boy's shirt with the I'm Telling Grandpa svg cut file


Too cute! 


I wanted to leave it flexible, so when you open your copies you'll see a whole bunch of layers. Here's the deal, this whole thing has that miss-matchy newsprint feel to it, so there's no right way to place everything, just move it around until it looks good. To reduce the amount of layers, you can leave off the dust cloud backgrounds and the thin accent colors on Grandma and grandpa.


And I wanted to make sure you could move everything around so I left both dust clouds whole and separate. If you want to remove some of the bulk, make a copy of the offsets on the lettering (the black pieces on the top preview photo) and subtract them from the dust clouds. (Faster yet, weld two offsets and two dust cloud pieces together before removing so you just have to do it once.)


Play around with it and see what you can come up with. I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa will get a big chuckle out of their sweethearts' new shirts.


Happy crafting!


Download Time!

Quick favor before you get to the downloading? If you could help me share by pinning this design to your favorite svg or freebie board, it would be awesome! (You know you have a huge board full of cut file ideas).


I'm Telling Grandma / Grandpa SVG DXF EPS PNG Cut Files | Free for Personal Use


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