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Kelly Lollar Designs Crafter Resources

This adorable little pirate bear is a sweet way to make something special with your little ones. Forget the skull and cross bones! This kawaii bear would never make you walk the plank!
This week's hand doodled design is great for labeling lunch boxes, pencil pouches and other supplies. If you're looking for a teacher appreciation gift, you can use it for shirts, coffee and tea mugs, totes or a classroom sign:

It's hard to hold on to your peace when being pulled in so many directions! Luckily Sunday is National Relaxation Day,  the perfect opportunity to take a day and just chill. For Relaxation Day, why not do a little crafting for yourself and add a new punny shirt to your collection with this week's freebie?

Cats and dogs each have their own days next month, but Mutt Day is another great opportunity to show off our furry friends. What would life be like without them? They're there when you need cheering up, up for play time or a nap when you are. In honor of all of the forever friends we've adopted, this week's freebie:

Hot summer days and cold, freshly cut watermelon - it's like a match made in heaven. So watermelon and a hand lettered quote paired together to give us this fun design:

I thought it would be nice to take a break with something a little softer and since flowers never go out of style this week's design is floral meets geometric and modern with a hexagon shaped monogram frame:

Remember back when one of the most exciting things to happen in summer was the ice cream truck coming down your street? A huge truck full of ice cold treats to make you feel a little less like you were melting in the hot sun. In honor of those precious cones, this week's freebie is a cute new kawaii friend:

This cute doodled set of stars and hand drawn circles has so many uses. Add a monogram, initial, name or quote to your project. Or borrow a few of the elements to create something unique. 

With sparklers in mind, this week's freebie is a little something to add the cute to your little one's forth of July outfit.

The Thanksgiving feast may be smaller this year, but that means more time for crafting and making memories with the kids. Maybe getting your little helpers to bake those Thanksgiving pies with you? 

Just because the crowd's a little smaller doesn't mean you don't still need all of the pie choices. What's your pick? Pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, apple ...

This week's freebie is a fun little design to go along with your pie obsession and it's simple enough to get the kids involved too!

Looks like we’re going old school for Easter Hunts this year. This week’s Easter cut file is the perfect fit for a photo op shirt in social distancing times. Add your child’s name or a phrase to this hand lettered Egg Hunter svg for a cute, personalized shirt for the little one.