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Kelly Lollar Designs Crafter Resources

Is the heat getting to you yet? Wouldn't it be awesome if we could just dive underwater and cool off for a while. I'd give up forks for a little bit of mermaid swimming some days.


Mermaids never go out of style and this week's freebie makes a cute addition to a mermaid fan's wardrobe:

Remember when we were kids and a lemonade stand seemed like a great way to spend a summer day and make a little coin for that new toy we really wanted?


Fire up the entrepreneur in your little one or just make a super cute summer tee with this week's freebie:

Love a great beach trip but we know where the real summer parties are! Flying across the water, late nights in the fresh air and trips into town - lake life's where it's at!

Before you pack up for some family time, you'll definitely want to grab a copy of this week's freebie:

Aloha, y'all! Who's ready to get some sun on? These summer temps just make you long for sand between your toes.


So let's kick off summer with a little tropical love:

Happy Mother's Day, y'all! Hope you have a relaxing day or maybe a less messes to clean up at least. 


With it being Mother's Day weekend, I wanted make sure we didn't leave out the Fur Mamas! Before we had a kid, everyone kept swearing up and down that cats were nothing like having kids. Secretly I still think it's not that far off. The only thing the kid has over the cats most days is the ability to talk, otherwise ...

Time to get ready for Mother's Day this week with a cute quote that encompasses what being a mom is like - messes and all.


Between spills, spats and those sweet hugs and kisses, being a mom is busy, y'all. Embrace the mess:

It's the weekend! Let's get the party started with a little 90's love!


If you grew up in the 90's, you for sure have said this at least a few times. Time to educate the kids with this cute version:

You're going to love this week's freebie - a sweet Snuggle Bug svg with hand doodled ladybug, arrows and polka dots galore! It's perfect for a baby bodysuit or fun pair of toddler pajamas. Plus with two pieces, it's a quick to make design!

Call the baby sitter and get ready for some shenanigans with this fun drinking design. This fun one piece design is perfect for a night out with your favorite moms or a special St. Patrick's Day shirt!

The llama is definitely having his moment right now and why not with that curly fur and those adorably awkward legs. 


But whether your talking about the drama or being the lame guy, you definitely don't want to be the llama of the group:

Big week next week! After so many hearts and sets of beads, it's time to take a little break and bring back the fun.


So if you're from the South or you've talked to anyone from down here, you've definitely heard, "Oh, bless your heart!" in a conversation or two.


It's been a while since we had a quote and this one is definitely a staple:

Happy weekend! February is here, the crazy blue moon eclipse is past and Mardi Gras and Valentine's are right around the corner.


So I wanted something cute for the little ones for Valentine's Day but something they could wear after no problem and this little guy popped into my head: