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Kelly Lollar Designs Crafter Resources

Hello there craft lover! Do I have a fun design for you this week! The weather's finally warming up (kind of ish?) and you're probably itching to get outside - maybe play a little ball?


This week's shirt design is retro classic, full of wide swooshes and shine marks:

Hello Super Bowl weekend! Always a good excuse for a party plus it's a great weekend to sneak in a little crafting!


This week's for all of you proud baseball and softball parents, with the baseball version of the team trios. (You can still catch a free personal use copy of the basketball version until next week too.)

We made it! This week has been a doozie, but hang in there because Blue Monday's about to pass and the days should get better as we inch toward Spring. 


Have you been bitten by the softball bug yet? This week is totally for you! Whether you're the player or your little one, this Soft Baller quote will make a fun addition to all of your softball gear!

Happy Black Friday! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Are you rocking' your shirt from last week? It's that crazy weekend where everything goes full force into Christmas. I know your schedule is super packed, so this week's freebie is a great one to grab now and work on later.


I've had some requests for basketball designs and since the Team Football was such a hit, I figured you might want a basketball version. This set comes with three different options.

Happy Friday, y'all! I don't know about where you live, but around here the local paper's been list after list of what's happening with our local teams as they gear up for a great season. 


Since last week kind of left the boys out, this week's freebie is an easy to use football design that works for Dad to Grandma. Plus it's versatile! Check out how I used one piece of it for the tumbler up there. 

Football season is upon us, y'all! Love a good Saturday Game Day even if it's just popping in and out to check on the score. 


So I had a request the other day that caught my attention - a football with flowers. I normally focus on more unisex sports designs, so the idea of something a little girly was just the break I was looking for. And check out how fun!

Fall is the best! Cooling temperatures, beautiful colors, new school year and of course, football. 


In preparation for the new season, we have something a little fun this week:


The best part about this one (besides the cute, chunky lettering) - it's super fast to make. Just weed out the words, press and done.